19 Dicembre 2019

Carrot Subji

Serves 4 The Qualities of Carrots Carrots have many qualities—sweet, bitter, pungent, heating, light, sharp. For pitta, go easy on the chili, garlic, mustard seeds, and […]
19 Dicembre 2019

Peas Pulau

Washing Rice Wash the rice twice and drain. To wash rice properly, put the measured rice in a saucepan and fill to the top with water. […]
16 Dicembre 2019


A delicious, savory south Indian breakfast dish, upma is easy to prepare and can be used as a side dish for other meals as well. Roasting […]
16 Dicembre 2019

Insalata mediterranea

Serves 2, generously, or 4 as a side This summer salad has a number of steps but the results are well worth it! Some items can […]
16 Dicembre 2019

Spiced Poha

Serves 4 to 5 Poha is uncooked basmati rice that has been rolled thin in the same way that rolled oats are made. It cooks quickly […]
16 Dicembre 2019

Riso allo zafferano

Serves 6 Cooking with Saffron Saffron is sweet, astringent, and bitter to taste, heating with a sweet vipaka (post-digestive effect). It is balancing for all three […]
16 Dicembre 2019

Masala Rice

Serves 4 to 5 This versatile dish is ideal for late spring or early summer. It’s also a delicious dish that cooks quickly, at the end […]
15 Dicembre 2019

Dolce alle nocciola con spolverata di cioccolato

INGREDIENTS Nut Cake with Chocolate Drizzle Whisk together in one bowl (wet) 3/4 cup water, hot 1 cup maple syrup 3 Tbs. tahini (or almond/peanut butter) […]
15 Dicembre 2019

Healthy Power Bars “Ojas Balls”

Makes about 2 dozen balls Modern treats such as “energy,” “power,” or “green” bars have taken the place of yesteryear’s granola bars on natural food store […]
15 Dicembre 2019

Khir alle mandorle

Serves 4 Charole nuts are a small tasty, Indian nut. In India, sweets are made with granulated jaggery, which is a natural, unprocessed sugar from sugar […]
5 Dicembre 2019

Tossine: quali danni per il tuo organismo?

La tossiemia è l’accumulo di sostanze tossiche nel corpo Ogni giorno sei sottoposto a continui attacchi, un vero e proprio bombardamento da parte di nemici invisibili, […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Latte cetriolo e cocco

Here’s a cooling drink to enjoy in the heat of the summer as a breakfast beverage, an afternoon pick-me up or a light dinner. The recipe […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Agni tea

The first definition of agni is the element of Fire, the second of the five elements in the body. It also denotes the digestive fire which […]
1 Dicembre 2019


Serves 4 Doshic Notes Balancing for all three doshas. INGREDIENTS Chai 3 cups water 4 cloves 2 pinches nutmeg, ground 2 pinches cinnamon, ground 1/2 inch […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Latte medicati

Medicated milks for Kapha Disorders No. 1 – Peppercorns 1/2 tsp peppercorns, ground 1 cup milk 1/4 cup water Mix all ingredients and heat to boiling […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Sprouted Mung

Doshic Notes Vata, neither increases nor decreases Pitta, reduces Kapha, reduces INGREDIENTS Sprouted Mung ‘Bread’ or Pancake Mix 3 cups mung sprouts 1/2 cup carrots and/or […]
1 Dicembre 2019


Tridosha balancing Vata = Pitta = Kapha = INGREDIENTS Chapatis 4 cups whole wheat flour 2 cupswater 3/4 tsp salt small bowl of safflower oil PREPARATION […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Grapfruit Chutney

Serves 4 Flavorful Chutneys and Relishes Definition: A sauce or relish of East Indian origin often compounded of both sweet and sour ingredients, such as fruits […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Peach Chutney

Serves 4 to 6 A fresh peach should be soft to the touch and eaten over the sink because it is so juicy. According to Ayurveda, […]
1 Dicembre 2019

Turmeric Pickle

Serves 4 Healing Properties of Turmeric Fresh turmeric root looks a little like ginger, but inside it can be red or yellow. The red is called […]
27 Novembre 2019

Cucumber raita

Serves 4-6 as side dish, 1 or 2 spoonfuls per person Cucumber is cooling and sweet but the skin is bitter. Both the cucumber and the […]
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