Erbe mediche in ayurveda: Vidari

Sanskrit: Vidárí-kanda
Hindi: Bilai-kand
English: None
Latin: Ipomoea digitata Linn. (I. paniculata)
Part Used: Tuberous root
Habitat: The hotter regions of India
Energetics: Bitter, sweet-cold-sweet VP- K+
Tissues: Fat, muscle, reproductive
Systems: Digestive, reproductive
Action: Tonic, alterative, aphrodisiac, demulcent,mucilaginous, diuretic, galactogogue, nutritive tonic, cholagogue, emmenagogue, rejuvenative
Uses: Relative of the sweet potato, increases secretion of milk, emaciation, debility, poor digestion,increases weight, enlarged liver and spleen; moderates menstrual discharge, good for weak
Preparation: Powder, confection, decoction, milk decotion

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