Erbe mediche in ayurveda: Vidanga

Sanskrit: Vidanga
Hindi: Vira´ga
English: None
Latin: Embelia ribes Burm. (E. Indica, E. Glandulifera, E. Robusta, Roxb.)
Habitat: Climbers in hilly parts of India ; Central and Lower Himalayas, to Sri Lanka and Singapore
Part Used: Berries (fruit), leaves, root-bark
Energetics: Pungent, astringent-hot-pungent PK- (V+ mildly)
Tissues: Plasma, blood
Systems: Digestive, excretory
Action: Alterative, anthelmintic, carminative, stimulant
Uses: Main herb for worms (intestinal—especially tape, ring) and fungus [is best for amoebacidal parasites]; good for all abdominal disorders, constipation, gas, indigestion, hemorrhoids.
Root-bark powder—toothache. External paste—lung disease (pneumonia). Powdered berry paste— headache or as oil in nose for headache, obesity.
Precautions: Can cause sexual debility
Preparation: Decoction,powder, paste, confections,cigarettes

Tutte le informazioni riguardanti le patologie, le relative terapie e i prodotti sono solo a carattere informativo e non intendono incoraggiare la sostituzione del rapporto tra il paziente e il medico curante

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