Hindi: Kanchnar
English: Mountain Ebony
Latin: Bauhinia variegata Linn. (B.racemosa)
Part Used: Bark,root, bud, gum,leaves, seed, flowers
Habitat: Sub-Himalayantract, forests of India and Burma (Myanmar)
Energetics: Sweet, bitter, astringent, PK- V+
Tissues: Plasma, blood,
Systems: Digestive, reproductive
Action: Bark—alterative, tonic, astringent; root— carminative; flowers —laxative.
Uses: Best for lymphatic system/glands Worms, gargle with bark liquid for sore throat; bud decoction for cough, bleeding hemorrhoids, hematuria, menorrhagia.

Bark emulsified with rice water and ginger for TB, enlargement of neck glands.

Bark and ginger paste for TB tumors.

Bark decoction for ulcer wash, skin diseases, diarrhea.

Buds—diarrhea, worms, hemorrhoids, dysentery.

Root decoction— indigestion, heartburn, gas, malaria, weight loss (anti-fat);

flowers with sugar—gentle laxative;

Kañchanar guggul—TB tumors, ulcers, skin diseases, gonorrhea, edema, increase white blood cells.

Preparation: Emulsion, paste, gargle, decoction

Tutte le informazioni riguardanti le patologie, le relative terapie e i prodotti sono solo a carattere informativo e non intendono incoraggiare la sostituzione del rapporto tra il paziente e il medico curante

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